FMUSER 5.8G Digital HD Video STL Management software

The FMUSER 5.8GHz link series is a complete digital STL system (Studio to Transmitter Link) for those who need to transmit video and audio from studio to the remotely located transmitter (usually mountain top). The link guarantees an incredible audio and video quality - punch and clarity. The system can be connected to 110/220V AC line. Encoder is equipped with 1 way stereo audio inputs or 1 way Hdmi / SDI video input with1080i/p 720p. STL offers up to 10km distance depending on its location (e.g.altitude) and optical visibility.

This is the management software of encoder and decoder in DSTL
DvbManager4.76EN.rar (880.0 KB)

Questions about DSTL, you can enter this link to understand. Or reply to this post

This (STL) is exactly what I have been trying to do for some time now for our broadcast TV station. Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

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Thank you for the fast reply. We use several FBE200 encoders to send video/audio streams to various web services. However we would like to stream point to point using public internet for STL: (studio to transmitter link). We have the FBE200 and an Amino H140 but have not been able to get them to communicate. It’s not known if the software mentioned above will help but at this point we have yet to make this link work. I/we appreciate any assistance you may provide. Thank you.

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  1. The above software is not used in FBE200, but in our DSTL equipment.
  2. If you need FBE200 to be transmitted over the Internet, you need an Internet public IP or an RTMP server

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