FMuser FBE200-H.264-LAN vs Hikvision DS-6701HFH / V encoder

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I want to get a confirmation that the FMuser FBE200-H.264-LAN enconder have the same specifications for video streaming as the Hikvision DS-6701HFH / V encoder.

I will put here the specification of the DS-6701HFH/ V encoder:

Product Description:

_ DS-6701HFH / V encoder is based on the latest technology development Hikvision HD network video servers. It supports a variety of video encoding and audio encoding formats, encoding flexibility; based on the Linux operating system, the code in FLASH, stable and reliable; supports multiple network protocols, network and powerful, can be networked to form a powerful security system._

_ DS-6701HFH / V encoder supports 1 channel HDMI / VGA high-definition video input interface, supports up to 200W pixel real-time encoding, provide strong support for high-definition network monitoring, can be widely used in finance, military, telecommunications, transportation, electricity , security in the field of education, water and so on._


• support H.264 coding format, main and sub stream may be independently arranged coding;

• Support 1 HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface 1 VGA video input interfaces, support 1 VGA loop output;

• support 1080P, 720P, UXGA and other HD resolution coding;

• Supports image overlay front-end video source resolution;

• Support VGA screen position adjustment, cropping screen area support functions;

• Support for a key to restore the default configuration;

• Support for microSD card support up to 128G;

• supports standard NFS, iSCSI network protocol, implement NAS / IPSAN network storage;

• Support UPNP, DHCP, network configuration easy to use;

• Supports HTTPS encryption and password protection to ensure safe and reliable network applications;

• Support IE, FireFox, Chrome, Safari and other browser, cross-platform access;

• software integration support Open API, supports the ONVIF standard protocol.

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