Fmuser fbe200 h265


It seems when enconding from 1080p (input) to 720p, theres some Freezing on the output.

it seems the encoder has not power enough to encode smoothly

is there a fix?

Firmware: E265-20191212-HLS

My dear friend

We have tested the conversion of 1080p input video to 720p, and there is no problem at all.
Maybe it’s your configuration problem. Please give me some screenshots of fbe200 management interface.

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Are the streaming video output by RTST and RTMP freezing?

Or just RTMP freezing.

RTMP is what we use.

there are 2 scenearios with input 1080p/output 720p:
1.- microfreezes
2.- video jumps

if input/output si 1080p/1080p or 720p/720p no problem at all, but we need to stream 720p, and some of our sources are 1080p and theres no way to downscale on the source.

Why do I see from your screenshot that the input video is 1080i and Deinteriace is Enable?

So, in order to stop microfeezing and/or image jumping, should be deinterlace “disable”?

You can try it

Are you sure the input video is 1080p, not 1080i?