Fmuser fbe216-h.265 fw: e265-20191212-hls


it seems when PNG is enable (obviusly with a PNG uploaded) and when device has a reboot. theres no way to disable it until a reboot.

also after

My dear friend

This button can be disabled

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heres the scenario…

1.- ive upload and enable a PNG
2.- png is onscreen
3.- power loss or power off the unit
4.- theres no PNG on screen, but still enable at media settings
5.- i disable PNG
6.- i enable PNG, and PNG does not appear

to make it appear, i need to desable, then reboot, then enable again

it makes the same thing visceversa, if power loss or power down the unit and png is disable, ti enable it i need to reboot

My dear friend

I didn’t have the same problem.
Please try upgrading the firmware and retest

have a good day

all units have this firmware: