Fmuser Fu-15b - No Power on Front Read Out


Hello there…

I recently purchased an Fmuser Fu-15b and had the entire system setup very quickly. I was broadcasting within 20 minutes. After my second attempt to broadcast, the power readout on the front display said 0 Watts. I tried to adjust settings under the Watt front menu and it’s at maximum (15W). The fan doesn’t spin and there is no broadcast even to a FM receiver in the same room. Can you help?




My friend:

Could you send me some photo to me about the transmitter working?

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I ended up sending the broken FM Transmitter back via Amazon and purchased a new one. Now the new is having the same issue.

Can you help?



Can anyone help me? This is the second FM transmitter with the same output problem.


Anyone? Two broken transmitters? Is there a simple problem I’m missing?


My friend:

What is the antenna you use ?


I use the GP100 Antenna that was packaged with the transmitter. How will that make a difference? Especially since it worked fine for the first two weeks, then just stopped working… just like the first one I purchased.




My friend:

Is there use same one antenna or different gp100 antenna ?


My friend:

What is the frequency you usually use ?
Our engineer need it to find out the solution.

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I have it set to 102.9 FM.


So ,are you sure when you install antenna is use correct frequency Pole?
Which pole do you using?


Hello, I’m using the correct frequency pole. Like I say, it was working, now it doesn’t.


Hello. I’ve had two of the same unit not work. I can’t get any help. I’ve been trying to get help since May. Is there a customer service number?


My friend:

Could you return it to us ? Where are you live country?


I’m happy to return. I would like a new unit that works though. Where do I send it? Can you send me a new one first then I’ll return to malfunctioning one using the same packaging. I only need the unit, not the antenna, cables, or power supply.



My we need your order information .
and we will give you a return address near you.


Hello. I ordered it off of Amazon on May 16th. Just two weeks before I started this thread. Here’s the order number: 111-5432839-6776262

How can we move this along?



Hi there. Really trying to get this fixed. It hasn’t worked since May. It’s the second one that’s broken. Please help.


My friend:

1.try to call amazon call it back and return.
2.Could you send some antenna working place picture?

have a good day.


I can’t send it back to Amazon. I already sent one back. I had to send it back by June 6th, which is why I came to your forum to get help. The antennae isn’t the issue, it’s the unit itself. This is the second one that has broken and I NEED A REPLACEMENT or a FIX.

The ‘admin’ said he would give me a return address. Please help this get fixed.