Good Guide for Nginx ffmpeg and rtmp > hls


Found this guide and it is good. Worked well for me minus the latency intraduced for rtmp to hls conversion.

Using fbe200 lan


Great share, :+1:How many Delay before and after ?


Keep in mind this is all serving done in virtual box guests with Ubuntu 16.04 and nginx!

rtmp tests
On the local network my rtmp streams going to nginx/rtmp module then played via flash browser in IE or Chrome was around 2-4 sec normally 3 sec. So in this case using ffmpeg even when coping the stream to the /tmp/hls adds 3-4 seconds. The HLS runs larger stream segments this is more likely the added delay in the live stream. I tried to reduce segments and times but no success as of yet.

This would not work on newer android clients for the lack of flash supported default browsers. Even if I install flash manually I still have issues playing the stream.

rtsp tests
On the local network my rtsp streams going to a Live555 rtsp proxy then to VLC or android client with native h.264 rtsp support was 2-4 sec but also normally 3 sec.

Wonder if any have used nginx with a encoder that does hls and what delays they experience between server and client streams?