H265-hls doesn't work after update firmware


FBE200-LAN h265 version, I upgrade to the latest firmware on this page, and the encoder stop sending RTMP to the server. I try downgrade but is impossible.



My dear friend

  1. What server do you RTMP to?

  2. Try resetting FBE200 and then test it.
    And give me some screenshots of the FBE200 management interface.

  3. Upgrade can be downgraded, you should download the wrong firmware version.
    Tell me your current version number of FBE200 and the version number you downloaded.

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Hello the rtmp don t work in latest firmware, same problem,i use wowza streaming engine


Same problem dont work, i use Adobe media server,


I wrote several times but they pretend nothing happened, they don’t answer you !!!


I am not surprised, all support is finished with what you need to send them a device and they will do everything. Fmuser is very disappointed, with similar firms support at a higher level.


My dear friend

If I pretend nothing has happened, I won’t even make firmware that supports RTMPS.
It takes time to find out the cause and solve the problem.
It’s not a matter of a day or two.

You can downgrade to old firmware
Wait till I fix this bug.
You upgrade to the new firmware

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My dear friend

  1. Can you TeamViewer with me?
    In this way, I can find the bug and fix it faster.

  2. Then you downgrade to the old version of firmware and wait for me to fix this bug.

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My dear friend

Because your FBE200 can only solve the problem by sending back upgrades.This is not a firmware upgrade.
You can choose to return the product and buy a new FBE200 or other encoder again.

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There are ordinary users, and there are those who work with different equipment. There is no problem in the presence of a programmer to install a dump of firmware in the chip, it takes 3-5 minutes. At the same time, if there is a TTL output on the board, providing the user with the files and a short instruction, he can update everything himself. For example, I do not want to spend $ 58 on shipping the FBE200 to you. I already bought a new FBE200 and as it turns out, it’s also with problems.


My dear friend

Now that I have helped you revert to the old version of firmware, you can RTMP to your Wowza server.
I think this is due to the difference between RTMP and RTMPS user authentication.

Upgrade to the latest firmware and test again after closing the stream server’s user authentication.
Can you test it for me?

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My dear friend

  1. I agree that users are divided into professional users and ordinary users.
    Even if I give you the file, after you write it to FLASH,It’s also unusable.
    Because we encrypt the encoder, we need hardware and software matching to use it properly.
    And some documents are confidential documents. I can’t give them to you.

  2. The problem you encounter is compatibility problem.
    Who can guarantee that their products are compatible with all the devices on the market?
    We can only improve it constantly, and we have been doing it all the time.

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hello jmmy, if on the server I remove the rtmp authentication it works, if I remove it it doesn’t work, if I load the penultimate version of the firmware 20191226 everything works perfectly also the rtmp authentication, bye


If you don’t need RTMPS, you can choose not to upgrade.


I do not want to offend anyone, just trying to explain that selling devices need to think through all situations, phone manufacturers, for example, release their utilities to flash their products, and the user does not need to worry that he will do something wrong, and you will not worry too someone will reveal your confidential data.


Can’t downgrade, still doesn’t works


My dear friend

Can not be downgraded, because the firmware version you downloaded is incorrect
You can give me a screenshot and tell me your current version number.
Let me show you which version of firmware to download.

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