Having problem streaming to YouTube Live

I am experiencing streaming problem from the FBE200 to YouTube. My stream source is the ATEM mini set to 1080p60 (I need 60fps for a projector in my setup). The ATEM mini’s HDMI output is to fed to the FBE200. Because FBE200 doesn’t support 1080p at 60, I set its frame rate to 30. All the settings are shown in the attached screenshots. When the YouTube Live Preview started, things were looking good. Then, YouTube found lower than expected data rate and stream health became poor and stop at other times. I tried several times. The problem happens consistently and is repeatable. I have plenty of upload speed (upto 35 mbps).

What am I doing wrong? What do you think is the problem? Would reinstalling the FBE200 firmware help?

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From your YouTube screenshot, I can see that the traffic pushed to YouTube is only 2957kbps.
How do you know your upload bandwidth is 35mbps?

You can try to set the Bitrate to 2048 for testing.

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I set FBE200 to 6 mbps CBR and YouTube to 3 to 6 mbps sustained rate as shown in the new screenshot. The 35 mbps is my internet upload speed which is well above the 6 mbps needed from the FBE200.

What YouTube complained was that FBE200 was not sending out 6 mbps bit rate. YouTube was only receiving less than 3 mbps bit rate (compared to the sustained rate) from FBE200. So, I think the evidence suggests that FBE200 was not sending out 6 mpbs as I had set it. Trying a bit rate of 2.048 mbps would not work because it does not support 1080p resolution.

What do you see is the problem?

  1. You can use VLC to watch the RTSP protocol of fbe200. VLC can detect the bit rate of fbe200 output.
  2. If the output bit rate of fbe200 is normal, then it is your upload bandwidth problem.
  3. I don’t see your upload bandwidth from your screenshot.


I’ve done some more testing today. To eliminate upload speed as a problem, I lowered the bit rate to 4 mbps by changing resolution to 720p. I captured the RTSP from VLC as you suggested. I don’t know how to read the Codec & Statistics Info. You can tell me what it means. Does the Content bitrate under Input/Read show what FBE200 is streaming out?

Looking through the screenshots, what do you think is the problem?


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The content bitrate in VLC represents the output bitrate of fbe200.
I see that the output bitrate of fbe200 is correct.

I can see from your YouTube that the input streaming video switches between health and error.

Your current problem is caused by insufficient upload bandwidth.
Is it possible that other network devices in your LAN occupy the upload bandwidth??
Or is the firewall limiting the upload bitrate?

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Is the VLC RTSP video the same video streaming from the FBE200? If the video is smooth, then the problem is not with FBE200 and anything upstream?

I am checking if the internet upload has intermittent problem.


Yes, it is the same

Yes, VLC monitoring normal means that all video output of fbe200 is normal.

Does your router have upload bandwidth monitoring function?
If so, you can check to see if any other network devices are taking up the upload bandwidth.
Or you can reduce the resolution and bit stream for testing.

I had exactly the same problem, it was solved by adding a backup stream. In the YouTube settings, there is a main and backup stream. But you will have to change the resolution of the main stream to 1280 * 720. Since FBE200 cannot send two FULLHD streams at once.


Thank you for sharing your solution. Your backup stream is going from the EXT stream of the FBE200 to the YouTube backup server specified in the RTMP. Correct? If the main YouTube server goes down, YouTube will switch to the backup server automatically?

Will this backup stream bypass any internet upload connection problem?


That’s right, any problems with broadcasts are gone with the backup stream! Before that, each broadcast was broken and errors from Youtube
It would be super to send two 1920x1080 streams from the FBE200. If I can use a laptop at the broadcast site, then I start the NGINX RTMP server, to which I transmit the stream from the FBE200. NGINX is already sending a stream to the facbook, youtube resources I need with the main and backup streams.

I traced my problem to intermittent internet connection problem. It so happened that the internet connection lasted longer on that day. Thanks for helping me in isolating the problem.