HDMI from Android device to FB200 - HDCP Problem?


I am having trouble streaming HDMI from my UAV flight controller (ANDROID) to YouTube. I can “see” the video on my desktop using UDP. I can also connect a camera to the encoder and it is perfect.

The Problem:
I cannot stream from FBE200 to YouTube Using my Android device HDMI.
I can Stream to YouTube using HD video camera okay.
I can see the video from BOTH the Android device AND the camera on my monitor. Both camera and Android are set to 1080P60.

Most android devices have HDCP enabled if they have HDMI.

Is it possible that there is some kind software adjustment to make the FBE200 encoder and the android device compatible? Is there Device Key problem? Is there a firmware upgrade for the FBE200 that will correct this issue?

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could you sent me the cable photo of anroid?

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The Android device is a Yuneec ST16 flight controller. It has HDMI output. Several forums indicate there is a problem with the HDMI output. It will work on some monitors and not work on others.



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Try touse Yuneec ST16–>>a hdmi spritter with powersupply.–>>fbe200 encoder

As we know, some box send out a small electrical level .

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Thanks Tom,
Ended up doing the broadcast by streaming from the SBE200 to a PC with VLC. VLC had no problem with the video. Then, using Open Broadcaster on the same PC capture the entire desktop and stream to YouTube. It worked great.


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In order to save time and get better understanding of the problems, please provide the
information as below, this will help us to get a solution faster.

a. The full page Screenshots of status
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