Help: Problem with audio DSTL link system

Hi Rita we have a problem now send all of there pictures to your engineer because line 1 for R4 at the end become not work and no image at the receiver.

This is the image of configuration from the STL transmitter,Look at the Bit rate 8.845,And look at this last picture the Bit rate is 0.022, Big problem because we cannot start our channel.

In the last configuration the problem is about audio system but not with audio-visual system now after changing configuration even audio-visual system is not working , the Bit rate become 0.22 megabytes.

Dear friend:

Based on the information you provided, we recommend trying:

First, the general use of the situation

  1. The encoder appears to be working properly.
  2. Decoder appears to work is normal, but it did not receive DSTL over IP flow.
  3. Before shipment we have done 48 hours of operation test (using the actual line), but it is now the actual use of your place or there is a problem, need to check the line, and STL problems, please refer to the following recommendations :

Second, first check the line, is now unreasonable

  1. Try using the Network Tester to see if the T1, T4, R1, R4 lines are working properly.

  2. If there is a problem with the cable, try replacing the RJ45 connector on the T1, T4, R1, and R4 wires.
    If it is not a line problem, there may be poor contact, please plug several times to look at.

  3. If the line is normal, the switch T4, R4 line of the corresponding LED lights should be lit up.

if you have any outher question ,please feel free to contact me.