Help with RTMP Streaming

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Can you show me how to stream with RTMP using url mode. I mean direct encoder RTMP stream to decoder. No Youtube or other Servers require.
Should i use public ip from internet provider?
Can i copy paste url to decoder connected on internet?
Please guide me with this.
Its only for one user online like ptp streaming , no multi viewers

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My dear friend

  1. If you’re streaming video over a LAN, you can copy the RTSP address directly to your decoder.
  2. If you use the Internet to transmit streaming video, you must use the public IP of the Internet.
  3. For streaming video over the Internet, you need a router that supports DDNS and port mapping
  4. You need to map the video port of the encoder to your registered DDNS. For example, the port of RTSP protocol is 554. You need to map the port of 554 of (encoder IP address)

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Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for the advise.
I will try it