HLS encoding is not working

Hi, I recently bought the FBE200-H.265-HLS. I want to send an HLS stream using the .m3u8 link.

I have set Main media to H.264 and Baseline, and I have set HLS select to Main stream .

I have copied the http URI link found in Status next to m3u8.

When I paste the link on my browser, 9 times out of 10 I get a 404 Not Found error. Sometimes I get the show.m3u8 file but when the browser sends it to VLC I get an error on VLC saying that it can’t open the file (Bad File Descriptor).

The contents of the m3u8 file are below, which don’t seem to have the right information (no http link under EXTINF)

Do I have the wrong encoder?


My dear friend

Is your RTSP streaming of FBE200 normal?

Let’s go to TeamViewer.
Let me look at the problem remotely.

have a good day