HLS encoding only with



when we are trying to setup our FBE200 (with latest firmware) we are only able to open a HLS stream when the main media audio encoder is set to “mp3”.

Unfortunatetly this will be automatically reset to “AAC-LC” after which we can´t open the HLS stream.

Is there a way to downgrad to an earlier firmware? It seems with 2017_11_21 or to fix this issue with an upcoming firmware?

Since we need the hls stream to implement an HDMI Signal to our digital signage system this feature ist vital for our project.



My dear friend

Sorry, I didn’t find the bug in advance.
You can downgrade firmware to 2017 1121 first
I will also upload a new upgrade as soon as possible to solve this bug.

You can download the upgrade package you need here.

have a good day


I would like to add that the main media audio encoder also changes to “AAC-LC” when you remove the HDMI cable from the FBE200, And then plug it back in.
Please fix this along with the fix above for the new firmware release.