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Network test address of transcoder:

  1. Log in address: fmuser.3322.org:3211
  2. Alternate log in address: fmuser.ticp.net:3211
  3. Username: admin
  4. Password: admin


  1. Because China’s network restricts access to foreign websites, if you use foreign streaming addresses as input sources, you will not be able to use them

  2. The transcoder has built-in U disk for testing. The file name of the file that can be played in the U disk is a1.mp4

  3. Available streaming media test address: http://ivi.bupt.edu.cn/hls/cctv1hd.m3u8

Attached is the product introduction of fmuser fbe300 transcoder magicoder
FBE300 English Specification.pdf (3.0 MB)