How Does a Digital Satellite Receiver Work?

Hi guys, In this tutorial, I will be discussing with you the introduction to Digital Satellite receiver and tv guide which will includes the basic knowledge of digital satellite tv with an appropriates illustrations. You may be wondering how does satellite dish antenna receive signal from the sky and to the receiver. Don’t worry I will get you cover, by the end of this tutorial, you understand how digital satellite recevier and tv work! Enjoy it.

Broadly speaking, A digital signal receiver is any device that receives digital broadcast signals. With the right digital signal receiver, It is include satellite TV, digital cable and satellite radio broadcasts.


What is a Digital Satellite Receiver for TV

The digital satellite receiver is connected to the satellite dish via coaxial and cable connected to the LNB (F connector) on the satellite dish. And it then connect the satellite receiver to the tv via AV or HDMI Port.

How Does a Digital Satellite Receiver Work?

The main functions of the satellite receiver as following:

To receive signal, decompress, decrypt, process
And send the signal in form of digital to the tv.
Example of Digital satellite receiver includes Dstv Decoder, Tiger T3000mega, Starsat Extreme receiver e.t.c

Encryption program

Just like cable TV, digital satellite TV can only be availed through paid subscription. Since TV signals transmitted via satellite are indiscriminately broadcast on a large area, these signals need to be encrypted so that only subscribers are able to view the shows and programs on the hundreds of channels that are offered by a digital satellite TV service.

Inside each digital satellite receiver is a chip that can unlock and decode the signal. The security measure that this chip performs is unique for each satellite TV service provider.

Thus non-subscribers who may have their own satellite dishes and digital receivers are unable to watch the shows on their television sets, even though they may physically pick up the signal.

Compression by digital

A TV signal contains a huge amount of information. It would take enormous power and a very wide frequency range to transmit and broadcast video and audio data as it is viewed and heard by human audiences.

Therefore, compression is necessary to make the whole process efficient. A digital satellite receiver takes this compressed digital TV signal and converts it into an analog format that a typical television set can output. With newer television sets that are designed to take in digital signals, conversion is no longer necessary.

Tuning to RF

TV signals are radio waves and radio waves are modulated in order to be able to carry information. Older and more common ways of modulating radio waves are amplitude modulation (AM) and frequency modulation (FM), and these are the two ways of tuning in on radio.

For satellite television the modulation standard is known as Digital Video Broadcasting or DVB-S. The “S” stands for “satellite” and distinguishes this method from the modulation standard used by cable television, which is denoted as DVB-C.

Satellite TV service providers use a technique called multiplexing to mix and cram together several channels into a single transmission. When this single transmission reaches the subscriber, the digital satellite receiver extracts individual channels and feeds it to the television set.

How does Satellite Dish Antenna work?
The functions of satellite dish is to receive signal transmitted by the satellite as follows:

Through low noise broadcast frequency (LNBF) Mono plug
Owned and copyrighted of the service provider
Dish are available in different sizes.
The longer the distance of the satellite the fastest and stronger the signal received by the viewers or subscribers.

Where is the Digital Satellite Receiver TV Programs come from
This is the contents of the service provider i.e the contents of the channels like HBO, ESPN, SuperSport, Signal-6, Sport 24HD and so on provided by the service provider like DSTV, TATA Sky, Skysport, Bein Media and So on.

These can be found on their respective satellite such as Eutelsat 36A for DSTV for sub-sahara Africa, Express AMU1 for Asian countries according to lyngsat and south-east Africa, Nilesat 7w For Bein Media, Amos 4w

Where to Find More Satellite Program?
You can find more information about the program on satellite here:

How to Setup & Scan your FTA Free to Air Digital Satellite Recevier System

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