How many HLS Resolutions and clients are supported in the same time


What is HTML protocol that you mention (HLS?) Is there a web server running in your box, or you forward RTMP to an external service (that one needs to pay for)?
HLS (also MPEG-DASH ans SSTREAM) specify that a server should produce, publicize, and distribute a number of resolutions so that the clients can adapt to whatever their resources are.
1.How many resolutions do you support? if any.
3.What is the maximum number of clients that can be served in the same time by your box (not accounting the network band limitations)?


HLS has a big advantage over every other streaming protocol, it’s plain HTTP just like any webpage, it goes throgh firewalls proxies, reverse proxies, routers etc. and users/viewers don’t need any special network environment to watch the streams. It’s the most compatible protocol from the network perspective.

Read on (very interesting and simple to understand):

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I was actually about to ask almost the same. Can’t we have in HLS protocol all the 3 streams present? /main, /ext and /3rd streams should be present in the HLS stream. Compatible client players can then select proper resolution based on their available bandwidth, and hls-proxy could handle distribution to many clients.


Can you please answer the question about how many simultaneous streaming clients are supported by each unicast type can be supported by the device locally. For a simple example:

  1. I have one (1) of your devices.
  2. I have the device hardwired to the network.
  3. I want to stream 1080p.
  4. How many VLC clients on the local network can load the same stream (main) before the unit starts to fail to deliver 30fps?
  5. Does this answer differ for the different unicast protocols?
  6. Does this unit support broadcast (vs. multicast)?

This is a very important question to me and I would need it answered before I commit to this component for my solution. Thank you!!


My friend:

  1. Unicast protocol does not support multi-user reception, only a computer to receive.
  2. Multi-user reception Please use the UDP multicast protocol. There is no limited on the users receiving the IGMP switcher with the multicast protocol. You need to open the multicast protocol in the FMUSER FBE200.
  3. we recommended to use 1080P @ 30 program source.
  4. This encoder does not support broadcast protocols.

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Thank you for the response, Tom. So, if I try to connect a second VLC client to the encoder via HTTP when another VLC client is already using HTTP, what will happen? Will it just refuse the second connection? Will it kill the existing connection and recreate one for the newly joined client instead?


My friend:

Why not Just try it:smile:

as we test ,it can run about 8 client.