How to Build a FM Radio Station Cover 1000km by one frequency / channel)



We often need to use one frequency throughout the country for FM radio,due to the need for frequency licenses, if you use multi-transmitter transmitter in one frequency, the frequency will interfere with each other.You need to build a Synchronous broadcasting for do it .

There are 5 Synchronous broadcasting solutions:

  • Satellite synchronization Solution
  • Microwave synchronization Solution
  • Fiber synchronization Solution
  • SDH E1 synchronization Solution
  • HFC synchronization Solution

Using FMUSER’s FM Synchronous Broadcasting solution (satellite) provides an easy solution to this problem, assuming you have satellite frequencies.

If you have a SDH E1 network ,the FM synchronous Broadcast solution(SDH E1) will help you build the it broadcast with one frequency like 98.1mhz

Some place have HFC all over the country network ,if you just in the county ,this FM synchronous Broadcast solution(HFC) will be great and save money for broadcast with one frequency like 98.1mhz whole country.

Ofcourse if you have a Optional fiber form site to site of fm station,you may use the solution for fiber build FM stations in one channel will be work great.

So ,if your place have no fiber, no HFC, no SDH network, no Satellite , just look at the solution of microwave solution for get a FM stations network in one frequency for cover whole country.

if you have any question, please feel free to discuss here.