How to Choose a Professional and Economical Audio Studio STL Transmitter Links?


A studio-transmitter link (or STL) sends a radio stations or television station’s audio and video from the broadcast studio to a radio transmitter or television transmitter in another location.This is often necessary because the best locations for an antenna are on top of a mountain, where a much shorter tower is required, but where a studio is completely impractical. Even in flat regions, the center of the station’s allowed coverage area may not be near the studio location or within a populated area where a transmitter would be frowned upon by the community, so the antenna must be placed several miles or kilometers away.Depending on the locations that must be connected, a station may choose either a point to point (PTP) link on another special radio frequency, or a newer all-digital wired link via a dedicated T1 or E1 (or larger-capacity) line. Radio links can also be digital, or the older analog type, or a hybrid of the two. Even on older all-analog systems, multiple audio and data channels can be sent using subcarriers.STL10 Studio to Transmitter Link / Inter-city Relay is VHF / UHF FM communications system providing a high quality broadcast audio channel with variety optional bands. These systems offer greater rejection of interference, superior noise performance, much lowers channel cross-talk, and greater redundancy than currently available composite STL systems.

The STL10 is our latest composite STL transmitter. This transmitter replaces the STL 15C. There are a number of changes that were made to make this the price-value leader in composite STL products. The STL 10 is synthesized, frequency agile and utilizes a new RF amplifier, as well as a cooling fan. More power, reliable, cooler and easier to tune - that’s the STL 10.




*Synthesized from 220 to 260MHz, 300 to 320MHz, 320 to 340MHz,400 to 420MHz and 450 to 490MHz

*The transmitted and received frequency can be easily set by digital front panel

*Suitable for digital audio. The subsonic over modulation and the low frequency phase distortion are controlled by a feedback circuit in order to exalt the audio quality of the latest digital systems.

*Low THD distortion: the THD value with stereo or mono demodulated and deemphasized signals is negligible.

*Flat frequency response: due to the latest generation technology and the components precision the flatness of frequency response is absolute.

*Low noise: the excellent signal to noise ratio either in mono or in stereo allows the use of this STL¡¯s in multi-hops networks without decreasing the audio quality.

*High sensitivity: it allows reducing the STL’s antennas investment.

*Great RF immunity: allows operating in most hostile RF environments.

*High adjacent channel rejection: obtained thanks to the excellent mechanical shielding and the precision of RF filtering.

*High frequency stability with the internal temperature compensated crystal reference.

*Integrated LCD Display: complete diagnostic and measurement front panel LCD displays.

*Integrated information display and protection controls: for all transmit parameter and protection for malfunction.

Packages include:

1x STL Transmitter+Receiver

2x Yagi Antenna

2x SYV-50-5 Cable (20m)