How to Connect a IPTV Encoder to Streaming on a Computer and Look at the Video on Another Computer?

  1. Connect the IPTV encoder to Computer 1 and play video.

  2. Open the computer 2 “Network and share the center”
    If IP is , you should add another IP

3.Open browser of computer 2 and type the added IP Then you will get a link to play.

4.Download a “VLC media player” first. Copy the rtsp address link to “VLC media player”
Step: Open the VLC==>Media==>Open network stream.

Click the Play, VLC Media will show you the video.
Enjoy the video !!!

How to Make a Live Broadcast by IPTV H.264/H.265 HDMI Encoder?

how can we see it over the web, to broadcast using the router ip instead of getting a youtube, facebook link for example?
example rtmp:// (iprouter):80/(ipFBE200)/ext


My friend:

You just need use VLC to check it by rtsp,it will work.
Check it here