How to control m3u8 TS file duration on FBE200 H.264

I need setup m3u8 TS to 10s per file. Is there any features on it?

and why the GOP will follow the FPS setting? I want set FPS to 25 and GOP = 50. It’s not work.

my friend:

In order to save time and get better understanding of the problems, please provide the
information as below, this will help us to get a solution faster.

a. The full page Screenshots of status
b. The full page Screenshots of media
c. The full page Screenshots of access
d. The output information about the Video source.(1080P_60 or 1080i_50 ? Camera or STB Box? )
e. What is the problem detailed

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Hi admin,

We are the first time with your encoder, we have to broadcast our television signal to the intercontinental CDN, we arranged a streaming acceleration server in our control room. The function of this encoder is used in conjunction with the accelerator. 10 seconds slice requirements are our accelerator input specifications. When I bought FBE200 due to the limited introduction on Amazon, only that can do m3u8, but did not think the length of the slice can not be adjusted.

The following is our input specifications of acceleration server:

  • Transmission protocol: HLS
  • Slice duration: 10 seconds
  • Number of slices: 10
  • HD resolution: 1280x720
  • Coding control: VBR
  • Average bit rate: 2 Mb
  • Frame rate: 25
  • GOP: 50 (fixed)

+1 for this. Really needed in professional environments.

My friend:

@SuperFinalone @robert

I got it my friend, I will meetting the enginner tonight discuss it .
if it have any update ,I will reply you here.

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Hi Admin,

Did u get feedback from the enginner?

Sorry be late.

Our enginner said:
Due to the limitations of the cache, our current method is to limit the number of slices, so that the rate can be adjusted.

If the number of slices must be adjusted, the rate of output we need to be limited.

Please discuss a good bit rate and slice balance program, the engineer will make a special upgrade package, only for advanced users.

Hi Admin

Thank you for your reply.
we only use HLS function of this device and only use main stream line. so if the output rate can be:

HD resolution: 1280x720
Coding control: VBR
Average bit rate: 2 Mb
Frame rate: 25
GOP: 50 (fixed)

we can upgrade the special one.

OK, We Feedback the information to the engineer.