How to control the start time of streaming to Youtube


Really appreciated for your idea. I’m with FBE200 E265-20190624-HLS.

I want to start streaming to Youtube without PC. How can I control the starting time?
Here is the scenario.

  1. Create a new streaming on Youtube. (with auto-start and auto-stop)
  2. Set up FBE200 the streaming information from above.
  3. Now, once I finished the setup (hit the setup button in the access page), I’m asked to reboot the system.
  4. Once I reboot the system, the streaming starts automatically in a few minutes.
    But what I want to do is that I do all the setup (1-3) the day before the streaming and the day of the streaming I want to start the streaming without needing to operate a PC.
    For example, is it possible to reboot not by system-reboot but just plug-out and plug-in the electricity?
    Anyone has the same operating requirement?

Thank you.

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Sorry, FBE200 does not yet support automatic push streaming video at a fixed time.
But you can buy an automatic power switch to control the power on time of the fbe200.

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I understand the product doesn’t have such a function. It would be better having it in the future but I’m not requesting it now.

What I want to know is whether the power control switch will work in place of rebooting or not. Do I not need to reboot the system if I power off (plug-out the cable) the box? If I need both rebooting and power off, then I have to run (literally :grinning: ) to the box to plug out right after rebooting the system before it starts streaming.

Yes, the FBE200 shutdown does not require a system restart, just power off

Why do you need to rebooting and power off?
Power on again after a power failure is equivalent to a reboot.