How to find a Best DNS server for iptv streaming encoder

When we try to do some streaming live video show .The network is very important for streaming.If you the DNS server not stable ,it will made many problem, like freezing or stop every 10 second …etc.

So how to find a best DNS server is very inprotant. The article will show you how to get a best DNS for your place.

1. There are some famous public DNS in some country.

Google Public DNS:

if you are in EURO,The DNS.watch will work great.

DNS.WATCH also provide IPV6 please check it on they website.

2.The whole earth have 13 root DNS server.
If your not in USA and EURO ,You may try to find a nearly root DNS server here:

if you have confirm the DNS is best for you ,than you may set it to the fmuser fbe200 streaming encoder: