How to make a FM dipole antenna between 88 to108mhz with good SWR



I leave two models of antennas that have given me good results.I love this engenner.

The first is the DV2 - FM broadband Dipole, covers the entire band between 88.1 to 108.0 MHZ in a ratio of standing waves from 1 to 1.5.

The second is the DV1-FM Broadband Dipole, it is no more than a half-wave dipole that is for the entire band from 88.1 to 108.0 MHZ.

Measurements are in millimeters.


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I am Michael from South Africa < i am very interested to try to build the dv1 and dv2 dipole.
But i cannot see the measurements on the picture.

could you please help
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