How to make DSTL more bandwidth (mbps)

Sometimes, we need to let DSTL have more bandwidth to accommodate more TV programs, audio programs. However, because the use of different parts of the environment is not the same, the settings need to be changed, so you need to follow the method to test, in the end which is more suitable for your use of the region:

1. Try to use more or less band width (20mhz/40mhz/80mhz)

Due to different parts of the 5.8G signal interference is not the same, only through the test to verify in the end is 20mhz / 40mhz / 80mhz more suitable for you to use.

In general, 80mhz because of the relatively large bandwidth, vulnerable to interference, 40mhz, 20mhz smaller bandwidth, relatively less likely to be affected by interference.

Sometimes the AC protocol will course some break of the multicast video.
We advice you use 5Ghz-only-N and 20/40Mhz-Ce ,it will give you 180mbps.

2.Test the band width of mbps
Follow these steps to test the bandwidth:

3. Check the Signal Strength of DSTL
When you change the bandwidth(mhz) ,it also important to check the signal strength. check the post here: