How to send signal from studio to transmitter and antenna?

Previously we acknowledged about using STL links to send audio signals from Studio to Transmitter( to review about the STL link system, please visit this link: http://www.fmuser.net/content/?646.html)

Recently it’s becoming increasingly common to use audio over IP (where you send the audio over a network or the internet), as internet links become faster and more reliable. More and more station owners are intended to use AUDIO OVER IP to replace the traditional Analog STL link, as the latter has strict requirements over the environment, for example, the transmission must be done in sight distance without any obstacles in between, while in some crowded areas, it’s not that possible to make the environment that ideal for transmission. In that case, we recommend to use audio over IP, sending uncompressed audio across the area to the transmitter. As it’s through the internal network, it’s fast and reliable enough to transmit uncompressed WAV audio. As digital transmission, the audio over IP will be delayed in transmission somehow inevitably, but it is fairly small and acceptable to most people.

Another awesome feature for the Audio Over IP transmission is that the system can transmit multiple channels, either audio or videol, rather than 1 singal audio channel on the traditional STL link. There are 4 channel , 8 channel and 16 channels link system, the broadcasting contents will then be more diversified and interesting to audience.

Check out here for more information about the Audio over IP link system, http://www.fmuser.net/content/?1955.html