How to set the Bit rate, Resolution, FPS of H.264/H.265 HDMI IPTV encoder for online Live Streaming broadcast?

How to set the Bit rate, Resolution, FPS for HDMI IPTV encoder Online Live Stream?

Live broadcast resolution depends on many factors, including video source clarity, encoding way, coding
rate, coding size and so on.

At the same time, different watching devices also have a different request for
video clarity .

The following is TV@FMUSER to everyone’s suggestions, for reference:


  1. Video bitrate setting should refer to the upload bandwidth of current network,
    such as upload bandwidth is 4M, the rate can’t exceed 2000kbps

  2. The resolution is the encoded size in the encoder

  3. The flow thatthe live stream consumes is calculated as follows:

    Flow = (video bit rate + audio bit rate) / 8 * live duration

For example: In a 2-hours live broadcast, the average bit
rate of video is 1200kbps, average audio bit rate is 96kbps. The flow consumption
of live streaming is :

(1200+96)/ 8 * 3600 * 2= 1166400K = 1139M = 1G 135M(Or 1.11G).


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