How to Setup the FMUSER FBE200 Streaming to Ustream

Can not get system to work to ustream, I have been given a stream code and URL and putting all in url is not working nor is classic mode breaking it up.


StreamKey: QhHu9QGGCJY2SUupxcSGc3qeQeXXXXX

hello my friend:

if you are useing ustream ,you need to change it to url mode:

1.if you use url mode ,Change 2 line to 1 line.


StreamKey: QhHu9QGGCJY2SUupxcSGc3qeQeXXXXX

set it:


2. if you use classic mode and ustream rtmp address, follow this setting:

RTMP server : 1.22975XXX.fme.ustream.tv
RTMP Port : 1935
Application : ustreamVideo/22975XXX
Stream: QhHu9QGGCJY2SUupxcSGc3qeQeXXXXX

2.reboot the encoder.

than it will be wrok great .

have a good day.


Also trying to stream to USTREAM with no success.
I have tried to follow the instructions above but the encoder will not connect.

Is the connection automatic? Is there something very simple I am missing? :slight_smile:
I am an IPTV streaming professional… No problems viewing the stream on desktop using VLC. My company has interest in these encoders as an alternative to the very expensive Teradek. My initial testing has been very good and the streams are very good quality.

Many thanks for your help.


My frined:

Could you give me some screen shout about the setting and the USTREAM key?

Have a good day.

My friend :slight_smile:
we set a Video for you ,it will help you how to setting the FMUSER FBE200 streaming on USTREAM.com

you can view it on youtube

if you want a more clear down load the video here:
how to set fmuser fbe200 streaming encoder to USTREAM_edit_edit.wmv (9.5 MB)

I see that you are using Windows Explorer to manage the encoder. We do not use that browser. Will this work using Chrome or Firefox?

I have been working on this most of the day - trying all configurations - I cannot make it stream to USTREAM.

Is there some special key sequence to start/stop the encoder?


my friend inthefrey:

1.You can use the Chrome or Firefox ,IE to setting the encoder, it is not problem.
but the live preview will be work in ie and firefox when you had install the VLC.

2.the RTMP streaming to USTREAM ,

  1. finish the setting rtmp
  2. click the setup botton
  3. click the reboot botton
  4. wait it about 3 minutes ,then reflash the ustream live view.

if you have any question ,please fell free contact me.

Good news!
The unit is now working.
I guess I was not waiting long enough for it to connect. It takes a long time - like you said - about 3 minutes.
It was streaming this morning when I got to work over the VSAT connection.

We are using a 10,000 mAh USB phone charger battery to run the encoder which is perfect for our drone applications! What is the current draw of the encoder on the 5VDC / USB power port?
The Spec sheet says it is less than 30 watts. (30Wx5V=1.5A)?

The quality is very good. The encoder is doing very good job of transcoding the 1080P input to 480P video.
Could you please explain how to include the channel monitoring for Firefox?
Many, Many thanks for your help!
We will be testing this during the next few weeks. If it keeps working okay, We will be recommending this encoder as a cheaper solution to our customers than the Teradek Cube.

Our Channel

Attention, when connecting a 12V power supply, it is dangerous to connect to the micro-USB connector, since the contacts of the Micro USB connector and the contacts for the 12V (Jeck) power supply plug included without protection!!!


We will not be using the 12V and 5V power ports at the same time.

My friend:

we test it on 12V ,it is go 0.2795A.
if it use 5V,maybe will go 0.72A

it look so great .
I am sorry for the 5V design ,we need talk to the engenner correct it .
Thank you so much for the advice.
if it had any update ,we will get back to you.

have a good day.

About the Firefox preivew ,you need to install the VLC first .

But sometimes the firefox upgrade very fast ,the plugin of VLC is not work.
we advice you use @SVAN advice Chrome + IE-TAB.