How to use FMUSER FBE200 Encoder to stream on


I am trying to stream to Dacast using FBE200, Iam able to see on the local udp or local m3u8. for some reason iam not able to stream out to the internet. iam streaming to DACAST . i have put all the credentials . still no sucess. please help me. attaching 4 images of the settings in the device


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Don’t worry about it , it looks like the rtmp address problem.
Could you give me a screen shot of the Dacast rtmp address page ?

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Here is the setting Guide of FMUSER FBE200 Set Dacast RTMP by URL Mode:

  1. click the Vidiui ,and get the full URL


3.Add the login and password to the URL
Original :

Add the login and pass word to URL like this:

4.when you first time to streaming ,try to set a small resolution and bitrate first , if you had seen the video live ,then try to 1280*720@30FPS 1500 bitrate

Good lock and enjoy you streaming broadcast now.

IP Address on encoder

Here is the setting Guide of FMUSER FBE200 Set RTMP streaming by Classic Mode:

RTMP Server:
RTMP Port: 1935
Application: dclive_1_150@151181
User: 210211
Password: 364215


I set the fbe200 lan to use it with da cast but it does not work.
Or rather, every now and then he leaves as he pleases. How do I solve?


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send me your web manager setting screen shot

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I am having the same problem streaming to DaCast. Please let me know what to do.

Stream login: 210198

Password: 527405

Stream URL


Stream names


Backup URL


Full URL


URL I put into RTMP Push URL: