How to use TSReader Retail to record multicast unicast streaming to a mpeg file

When we use encoder to do live streaming, iptv streaming …sometimes we need to make sure some problem (like freezing) is from encoder or decoder .

if we can record the streaming form encoder to a file, it will be easy to find out the problem .

This article will teach you how to record the streaming form unicast or multicast of UDP .

Than you many send the mepg file to tech help you.

if you need the software ,please leave message here , the server can not allow it ,we will send it to you by mail.


Can you please mail me the TSReader software to save TS streams? Thank you

had send it out. check it by mail.

Is it possible to read http stream or only UDP Multicast?

my friend:

we found it only UDP Multicast or Unicast .
here is the full feature.

have a good day.