How to use VLC to preview streaming video from HDMI video encoder in Google Chrome


Have many people enter the management interface of the encoder, they can’t see the preview streaming video from the status page.
What they see is like this:

It will become like this because:
1.The VLC web plugin is NPAIP plugin
2.Google Chrome does not support NPAPI plugins in v45 and later versions.

So if we want to see the streaming video in the status page of Google browser, we can do this:
1.Install the full version of VLC, which will include Web plugins

2.Install the v40 version of Google Chrome,Attach the download link of Google Chrome

3.Open Google Chrome and type in the address bar: chrome://plugins/
Select the “Always allowed to run” option of “VLC Web Platform”

4.Go to the encoder’s status page and select the “stream” you want to preview.
Now you can preview the streaming video of the HDMI video encoder.

Unable tto pick up the video feed on the encoder home page in order to stream to youtube

It would be great to see this plugin updated in the next firmware update. Maybe WebRTC?Downgrading to a browser from 2015 doesn’t seem like the best way to go.



Thanks Svan, I took a look at that. But it looks like it wants you to run another server, and can’t display the raw stream natively.