How to view you streaming with VLC to check the hdmi video encoder

–Too many people askj this question, if you are old birds on encoder, please ignore this topic.

The browser sometimes closes live streaming show on encoder for security reasons.
it will be look like this:

Or will like this:

Computer enthusiasts solution:
if you are a Computer enthusiasts , @SVAN form Ukraine had give a full solution show it on chrome, check it here:

But if you just a simple people ,you don’t want to spend too much time on the computer.
Use the VLC to do check the video, it will be easy way.

We need to download the VLC and use it to check the streaming form FBE200.
Follow this:

1.Download the VLC form www.videoland.org and install it .
it is a Famous open source software.

2.Open the VLC==>Media==>Open network stream.

3.Copy the rtsp address to the VLC Open network stream.

Sometimes it will bring a space in the back, delete the space

4.Click the Play ,the VLC will show you.
Enjoy the video now.

thank you but i want help for stream on you tube step by step

Check it here:

i did every things but only i can see offline

what is wrong why cant stream on youtube

I sent to you all screen shot to help me to stream on YouTube .you know I bought this encoder to stream on YouTube but I didn’t succeed .if I can’t use it may be I will throw on garpish :frowning:️:frowning:️:frowning:️:frowning:️:frowning:️:frowning:️:frowning:️:frowning:️:frowning:️:frowning:️:frowning:️:frowning:️:weary::weary::weary::weary::weary::weary::weary::weary:

I think you are not friendly and you don’t want helpe I was planing to open shop for this encoder but after I found from your company I will never buy or recommend any one to buy first I bought encoder with antenna but you sent to me cheap one without antenna
Second things I face so many problems to setup this one even I can’t stream on YouTube and no one really want to help

This encoder streams very well to YouTube, can be set up in 5 minutes very easily. Use H264 encoding (YouTube doesn’t accept H265), and you need reliable internet upload speed.

My friend:

Your RTMP setting is wrong.

Please carefully check the topic.

have a good day.