I can't get into the sistem


hi to you all
question why when I reboot the system I can’t get into tho system again thanks do I am doing sonthing wrong


My dear friend

  1. Have you modified the network configuration of the encoder?
  2. Is the encoder’s network Indicator light normal?
  3. How is your computer connected to the encoder? Can you take a photo for me?
  4. What is the network setting of your computer? Is the IP address on the same network segment as the IP address of the encoder? Screenshots of your computer’s network configuration information to me.
  5. You can also try to long press the reset button on the front panel of the encoder to restore the encoder to the factory settings. Then try to enter the encoder management interface again.

have a good day


Si el Encoder lo configuro en DHCP, puede ser que el router le haya asignado otra IP cuando lo reinició.
Con este soft puede ver las direcciones ip que se están usando dentro del segmento para tratar de ubicar la nueva dirección de su Encoder: