I Need Help With Set-up


Hello. I need some help with setting up my device. I’m running into a few problems.
1.) I cannot see anything in the preview window
2.) I cannot figure out how to Live Stream to YouTube.

Can someone give me a step-by-step on these 2 issues?


hello my friend:

1.Now you had streaming 2 streaming video to one same server ,you need to disable one.

2.The live view support Firfox when you had install VLC. but sometimes it not work ,because the browser eveyday upgrade .
We advice you use the VLC to check the video.
Download it here:

3.When you use Fmuser FBE200 to streaming on Youtube live, The setting of RTMP will be :

URL Mode will be like this:slight_smile:

Classic Mode:
rtmp server: a.rtmp.youtube.com
port: 1935
application: live2
stream: vx18-jmpb-m721-9b9b

when you change the setting of rtmp ,you need to reboot the box.

We advice use 1280*720 @ 30FPS 1500kbps when you first time to test streaming.
like the photo:

if you have any question ,please feel free to contact me.


thanks for all the info. i have set everything to the settings you gave me. now, how do i send the stream to YouTube?
thanks :slight_smile:


Oh my friend :slight_smile:

The rtmp setting is a sample of me , not you address ,you need to find the information on your youtube like the sample ,and set it to your encoder.

could you send me some screen shout:
a. The full page Screenshots of status
b. The full page Screenshots of media
c. The full page Screenshots of access
d. the full page screenshouts of your youtube live dashboard ?

have a good day.