Idea: hls stream to ftp



I didn’t found this function, but i would be interested to have it on my fbe200-hls:
Streaming HLS to FTP server

as far as i have seen in the internet, streaming to ftp is possible for some software and then grab the stream over http … and not using a rtmp server :innocent:

maybe i missed something and it is allready implemented - or it is on the future roadmap for the firmware?

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My dear friend

Can you tell me the benefits of doing so? Compare with RTMP server.

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Hello Jimmy,

thank you for the quick answer.

Maybe i see all wrong, but the benefits in my eye’s are simple:
Most of the Hosting Provider support FTP for Uploading files, wich is included in a normal Hosting option. RTMP Server are normaly something special, not offerd from every provider and often quiet expensiv to “just play arround”.
That was my intention - and there are more and more HLS Video Player out in the market.

Also - FTP is supported by a lot of NAS and other devices…

And on the other Side: HLS seems to be the Future of streaming technology and i want to “build” my page with hls streams on it :slight_smile:

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The HLS to FTP function would be very useful!