Initial Stream Startup isn't stable


I have several FBE200-H.264-LAN boxes I am using to stream video to Wowza Media Servers via RTMP.

When I first turn on the FBE200-H.264-LAN it immediately begins streaming. But then after about 5 mins, it will stop sending to the wowza server. If I view the web control page, the device is online and accessible. On the status page the interrupt and audio counts are increasing.

If I wait long enough, 20 mins or so, it will begin streaming again and stay stable after that.

Why does this occur and how can I stop it?

Is there a manual way to start and stop the stream, or force the stream to send?


(Firmware in use is E264-20171009)


My friend:

Could you send some screen shout about the encoder webmanager to me ?




My friend:

Sorry ,the photo is not show any thing ,could you send other one?

have a good day.