IPTV Channel Changing Issues w FBE200

We are using two FBE200-H.264-LAN to inject channels into our Samsung Reach IPTV solution. When we try changing channels between between those pushed by the FBE200’s we just get a black channel. We have to change to a channel not encoded by the FBE200, then back to it before we get Audio and Video. Samsung says it’s due to the configuration on the FBE200, but haven’t found a setting that solves this.

My dear friend

  1. We first determine whether there is a problem with FBE200 working alone. If there is no problem, it is the compatibility problem between Samsung Reach IPTV solution and FBE200
  2. Samsung said it was the configuration of the FBE200 that caused the problem. Did you specify what the problem was? We can cooperate with the modification
    Because we haven’t met this scenario, we don’t know the specific problems
  3. Or, what are the requirements of the Samsung reach IPTV solution for the input source?
    We can compare the current configuration

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