IPTV Encoder Periodically no output


Hello all,

I’m having an issue with a new IPTV Encoder which I hope someone might be able to help with.
Periodically, (it seems every 5 or 6 days), the output from the encoder seems to stop. A hard power reset fixes the issue, for another 5 or 6 days then it re-occurs. I have updated the unit with the latest available firmware. I also scheduled a reboot every 24 hours via the interface as a possible work around, but it doesn’t help. It appears only a hard power cycle is required every few days to restore output.

Has anyone seen this issue before or has any ideas?
Many thanks,


My dear friend

I need you to provide more information and analyze your problems,
1.Can you say the information from your video source?
2.Is your video input connected again after disconnection?
3.When the encoder stops output, can you enter his background management interface?
4.Please send the screenshots of the encoder management interface to me.
5.If there is a problem with your encoder, you can still enter his management interface. Please send me the screenshots in that state.

have a good day


My dear friend

Or you can try to turn on the Soft WatchDog.The Soft WatchDog is role is to automatically restart your encoder when it is detected that your encoder is not functioning properly.

The way to open a Soft WatchDog:
1.Access to the encoder’s management interface
2.Open “Soft WatchDog” in “ACCESS”
3.“Set up” and restart the encoder

I hope it can solve your problem.



Hi Jimmy,

1.The Video Source is (Either PC, Mac, Apple TV or External device, going through an Extron DTP 84 Crosspoint Digital Presentation Matrix via a Extron DTP HD DA8 Series Distribution Amplifier.

  1. Video input is connected after a hard reboot of the Encoder.
  2. I am not sure, I will try this next time & advise.
  3. Please see uploaded screenshots.


Hi Jimmy,

Thanks. I have set “Soft Watch Dog” in Access & re-started the device. I will continue to monitor the device & see if the issue re-occurs. Will keep you posted in a few days when I will know if the issue is still happening or not.
Best Regards,