I've downgraded and now can't enter FBE200


Hi guys,

I’ve got 1 unit that had installed AVC-20170511 version. I don’t know why, but it wasn’t able to take audio-only input from line in, it always got to HDMI so I decided to downgrade to see if it was a firmware issue.
I’ve installed it firmware 2017-04-13 and now I can’t log in, niether by the original IP address niether DHCP that was the previous option.
Can you help me with this?
I’ve already tuirned on-off, plug in, plug out, etc.



My friend:

Do you had change the setting to line in ?

have a good day.


I can’t log in to the unit. Not any IP responds.
Any help?


log-press reset-button?


Sure, done that. It makes the usual led-on led-off secuence, but still I can’t log in to the default parameters.


Bricked… :frowning:


Hi Tomlee, can you help me with this?
I’ve downgraded to April version from May version and now the unit is dead.


Do you have press and hold the reset key 6 seconds ?


Great!! I’ve have recovered it!