Keeps losing HDMI for camera Sony HDR-AS100V


Hi there,
My encoder won’t consistently stream from a Sony HDR-AS100V that I have mounted on my balcony. Connection is good and another brand encoder will stream this camera just fine for days. The FBE-200 will see it after a power cycle and stream it for a few hours, but when it loses connection it won’t come back. Camera is still outputting video just fine but the FBE200 won’t see it until I turn the unit off. This is bad because I’m testing these for remote deployment.

Here is picture of status screen when the FBE200 doesn’t see the camera. Note that it sees the video but no frames are being logged.


My friend:

Do you have check to close the camera Power saving mode?

have a good day.


Also check cables to be good quality. I’ve got my FBE running for weeks now without interruptions.


Cables are fine. Power is fine. Works with a Cerevo encoder flawlessly. Has been running for months with the cerevo and I decided to try it with the FBE and it’s problems.