L & R audio channels are swiped

Even in the last firmware version from 2019 - AVC-HEVC-FBE200-H.264-WIFI-HLS_20190424
When I want to use only one audio channel (mic line from a camera) via HDMI source, Left and Right are swiped. L is right, R is left.

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You should fix your problem by modifying this setup.
Set the audio to a single channel.

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Hello, I know the option, but the problem is I always attach a Mic to Left channel in my camera. But if I set fbe200 only Left from this menu I don’t have sound, when set Right is fine. The option working, but names Left <> Right are wrong like a title.

But can;t find the new option RTMPS protocol in the last firmware.

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It may be a 3.5mm interface problem.
Is your 3.5mm connection two-core or three-core?
Can you take a picture and look at it?

FBE200’s 3.5mm interface is three-core, if it turns into two-core, we should pay attention to which channel is connected.
This 3.5mm interface definition diagram:

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I’m using only HDMI cables. The mic is in Left channel in the camera, Left channel in the monitor levels, no sense to be in Right channel in FBE200. This is not a huge problem but is annoying. Maybe it is some local bug only in my device.

I still can’t find the new option RTMPS protocol in the last firmware, where it is ?


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When you use the RTMPS protocol, just fill in the RTMPS address directly in the RTMP Push URL.
No additional settings are required

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@ Jimmy


After reading this thread, I’ve checked my FBE200 and found the audio channels are indeed swapped on the HDMI input.

For my use this is not likely to matter - our motorsport stuff is pretty much Mono Mix, or Commentary on one channel and car engines / atmosphere sounds on the other.

My Testing process -

I used my Tascam DR-70D as an audio source, using it’s Mics with the Left channel turned up and the Right channel turned all the way down, and fed that through stereo 3.5mm jack cable to my JVC HD7 camera.

In the camera the Audio Level bargraph display confirmed the Tascam was sending left only. Headphone connection at camera confirms camera only getting left, and only sending left output.

Connect HDMI to FBE200.

Open VLC on PC, plugged headphones in and played a file to confirm headphones working left to left, right to right.

Set VLC to open stream from camera, and the Left Audio leaving the camera, is in the Right earphone.

The HDMI audio is indeed swapped.

Left Microphone only on Tascam

Left Channel Only on Camera. (note yellow bar graph in OSD )

Right Channel on VU meter in VLC

Great, it is not only me. Will wait fix in the next firmware :slight_smile:

Most likely - it’s probably something as simple as a typo in a channel assignment.

And, like with my use, it’s probably not something most people would even notice, it’d only be when needing a Stereo mix, say, like live broadcasting a musical performance, where it could cause anyone an issue.

One thing I will add, is that compared to the service I’ve had reporting issues with Netgear and NewTek, I’m a lot more confident in my FMUser hardware and support, then with the US companies.


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I tested the FBE200, and the FBE200 did have this problem.
I will fix this BUG as soon as possible.
The new firmware will be uploaded to the forum within this week.

Thank you sincerely for your feedback.
This will make FBE200 better

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Awesome news! Thanks Jimmy and Team at FMUser :slight_smile:


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The firmware version 20190626 has fixed the problem of left and right channel misalignment.
Please download the test.
If you find any problems, please contact me.

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Awesome, will download, update, and test.

Going to be testing streaming on the new Cocoscope website too :slight_smile:

The 2019-06-26 firmware update that was intended to correct a problem with the L/R channels on the audio port, caused the channels on the HDMI port to swap–making them incorrect. Left is being played on the Right channel, and Right being played on the Left side. Since there is no option in software to reverse these, and no physical way to correct the channels on the HDMI port, I had to downgrade to the (2019-04-24) previous FW to correct the audio on the HDMI port.