LINE IN DOESNT WORK - Streaming to twitch, and overlays


i am using the fbe200 over wifi to try to stream to twitch…

i can see RTSP stream in VLC … but only get audio from HDMI audio … the line in audio doesnt work - even tried different microphones… which makes me really mad but hey oh well… twitch never goes live btw . youtube wont go live btw…no websource overlay feature? please update into next firmware overlays via websource feature… HELP


Are you using a actual microphone? Try using audio from an audio source like a MP3 player. If you can see the stream in vlc it should work. Could be a network/port issue.


yes im using an actual shotgun style microphone. i tried to kinds. i think it could be a network/port issue aswell but the HDMI audio works. so idk. i hope you can assist me further. anyway i can setup a teamviewer


I will try my best. I have this device for a year and not much issues with it. Try getting audio from another computer to the encoder. I don’t think a mic will work directly.


why would the microphone directly not work when one of the devices features is the 3.5mm input being mixed in realtime i dont understand…


Line in meaning that the source needs to be powered. Example an audio mixer or computer headphone jack, those are powered sources.


so i would need a phantom power supply for my shotgun mic? … my RODE mic has a 9 volt battery in it…but that didn’t work either ? :confused:


I will try it on mine and get back to you.


Ok I tried it with my shotgun mic and works fine.


what are you settings in the encoder for audio?


I think you go to the “media” tab and change the audio input from hdmi to line in and apply.