Live does not work with some camera model?

when I connect this model of camera to do the live, it does not work, it gets the active live, but off line:

when I connect a big Panasonic HDMI camera, it works perfectly, it seems like it’s something about the resolution, but even leaving it auto does not work the model:

MOKOSE HDMI Camera, HD 2 MP 1080P HD Digital Security Camera, Industry Digital C-Mount Camera with 2.8-12mm Varifocal HD Lens, OSD Menu

My dear friend

This may be the reason for HDMI-EDID firmware compatibility of FBE200

Compatibility is a problem with all electronic products. No matter which brand of products is not guaranteed to be compatible with all products on the market, we can only continue to optimize.

What version of your FBE200 is it??
The latest version of FBE200 has been optimized for HDMI-EDID firmware. If you have it, you can test it.

Or you add an HDMI distributor between the FBE200 and the camera gun for testing

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