Multi Wifi Networks in Streaming Encoder


Does the streaming encoder save multi wifi networks so that I do not have to configure multi times for locations that I have already been?


Sorry it have not multi wifi Networks, we advice use a movable Router to do this will easier.

Use APP of Router to link to new networks.
Use Fix wifi setting of FBE200 to Router.

if you have any other question , please feel free to contact me.
Have a good day.


This make it very difficult to sell to non technical people. It would be a nice feature to add. Is there any chance that you could add that feature?


Thank you my friend,
it is a good idea,we will Feedback to the design engineer to try to upgrade the firmware to solve this problem


Thank you could you please email me when you have this update, if done in time I need to order about 5 units but I can not without this feature.


Yes it is a nice advice,we will send you if we update it.