My live stream isnt working for youtube


it says offline but when I put the rtsp link in vlc player stream is working but youtube says not receiving a stream


My friend:

What is your local computer network setting?

have a good day.


do you mean the internet protocol for the box or my actual internet is this what youre asking for?


My friend:

It looks setting correct.

1.Change or reset a new RTMP address on youtube.

2.Set the new RTMP URL to encoder ,enable ,and press setup botton.

3.Reboot the FBE200 ,and just go out for a rest 5-10 minutes .
It will working.

Have a good day.


I had the same problem and it was resolved when changing in Network >>> IP mode >>>> DHCP


I have done this a few times and still doesn’t work


I have also tried doing this and still doesn’t seem to work


My friend:

Sorry to hear that ,Give me teamviewer ID and passwrod at private message.