New RDS Standard - RDS2


The IEC has agreed 4the new RDS2 standard.
66.7% responded, 0 (0%) was against.
This approval makes RDS2 the new standard.

As an IEC-member, China has kindly voted with “Y”=Yes.
RDS2 is compatible with CDR (China Digital Radio) in hybrid mode which is being tested just now, and also supports internet streamed radios with the new group type “C”.

RDS2 contains not only RDS but also the American RBDS and the encoder control protocol UECP. Thus everything is united under one standard.

RDS2 now supports Chinese characters in all functions. We have a new Long-PS with 32 bytes (group 15A, beside 0A) and enchanced RadioTest with 128 bytes (an ODA function, beside 2A). All new functions uses UTF-8.
In addition, 3 additional carriers can be activated optionally, which increase the data rates enormously by means of the C-Type groups.