No sound or no video depending on FW version


Hi, I just purchased the FBE200 H264 unit. Unfortunately with the FW (1806xx) it came with I only could hear sound, but the interupt count stays on 0. I downloaded you latest FW version (older than what it came with(!), 180515) and installed that. Now I have video but no sound anymore! I am using HDMI sound, have used all the possible settings, but no luck. The signals come from either a PC or DVD player.

What should I do? Maybe you can provide a FW version that supports both sound & video?


My dear friend

Nice to meet you.
I need you to give me some information.
I can help you solve this problem better.

  1. The FBE200 works fine with older versions of the firmware?
    Please tell me the firmware version number of your FBE200 that worked before.
  2. This may also be caused by a configuration error of the FBE200.
    Please send me some screenshot of the FBE200 management interface.
  3. Is your video and audio input to the encoder via HDMI?
    Please tell me the format of the video and audio.
    And send me a picture of how you connected the HDMI cable.

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Hi Jimmy,

Please find below the answers to your questions:

  1. I have only tried two versions of the FW. The initial FW of which I am fairly sure the date was sometime in june 2018. This did not provide any video. When I installed the current version (180515) I am getting video, but no sound.
    If I need to try other versions of the firmware, please let me know and I will do so.

  2. Yes, video and audio goes through HDMI
    Video format is: 1080P50, but we also tried other formats, that works also fine. Audio format I am not sure. How can I find out? As said, the audio was working fine with the first FW that was provided.
    I don’t see the point of the picture. I am connecting HDMI from a DVD player to the box. You can see that video goes through and I have tested if it is plugged in OK, and it is!

I hope you can help. Regards, Cor


HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection ) ?


My dear friend

I can’t see any abnormality in the encoder from the picture you sent.
Maybe you can try this:

  1. All firmware is tested strictly.
    But we can’t guarantee that it will be compatible with all video players.
    Do you have any other video players?
    You can also use computers instead of video players.
  2. You can also try to change the audio coding parameters.

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Hi Jimmy,

As I already indicated, I have also tested with a PC with HDMI, also there only video but no sound. In my view this is not a problem with the source. As said, with a different firmware version I did get sound!
I have already tried all audio coding parameters.
Can you please provide me with the latest firmware versions? The version that it came with is newer than those on the website but I cannot re-install it as it has been replaced by the older version.


My dear friend

This is the first time I have encountered this situation.
I also feel very strange.

  1. The old firmware can hear the sound, which proves that the encoder hardware is no problem.
  2. Using a computer as a signal source still not listening to a voice proves that it has nothing to do with the source of the signal.
  3. You have heard voices before, which proves that the encoder configuration should be no problem.

You first try to use the old version of the firmware, this is the firmware download link
FMUSER iptv Encoder FBE200 last Firmware Upgrade List for Download

Because I have never encountered this kind of problem, so I don’t know what version of firmware you should use, you can only try one by one.

I will continue to think about the reason.
Or you can give me a TeamViewer.
wait for your news

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Hi Jimmy,

I installed the following firmware: E264-20171121 and now I get both audio and video! So something is going wrong with the newer firmware versions.



i do have the same problem. It does not go away with the newest firmware.

Unfortunately the old firmware E264-20171121 is not longer in the download list. Would it be possible that you provide it to me ?

Thanks in advance, Jürgen


My dear friend

I have RE-UPLOADED the firmware of E264-20171121. Please re-download it.

Have you upgraded the firmware test of E264-20190424?
Will the same problem still arise?

have a good day