No stream to youtube or facebook


Hello from Southern-Germany,
We try to admin the FBE200 (FW E264-20171120) to stream to Youtube and/or Facebook.
It doesn’t works and we can’t find the Mistake.
We can watch the internal Stream with theVLC-Player, but Facebook and Youtube don’t start a stream.

Maybe anyone find the Mistake and can help us!

Yours Peter




My friend:


When you use Fmuser FBE200 to streaming on Youtube live, The setting of RTMP will be :

URL Mode will be :slight_smile:

Classic Mode:
rtmp server:
port: 1935
application: live2
stream: vx18-jmpb-m721-9b9b

when you change the setting of rtmp ,you need to reboot the box.

We advice use 1280*720 @ 30FPS 1500kbps when you first time to test streaming.
like the photo:



if you have any question ,please feel free to contact me.


we try it in different ways for youtube and facebook, it doesn’t works!

May it be a problem of the internet connection (Port?) or maybe a problem with the FBE-200?




my friend:

PM me your teamview .