Not able to get a Video Feed At All


Hello, we are using FMuser FBE200, and have upgraded our firmware from a 2017 version to the April 2019 version. Both in the 2017 version and the 2019 version, we are not getting any stream to work.

In 2018, we used the FMUser device and had NO issues at all.

We are using Wowza as our rtmp stream server, but are not able to see incoming streams when setup.
We have attempted several factory resets.

We also are not able to pull the RTSP feed over VLC. It spins, but never loads. When attempting to watch over HTTP HLS, we also receive a video box, but not video or audio.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


My dear friend

  1. Tell me, what device is your video output using?
    What is the video format?

  2. Let’s go to TeamViewer.
    Time of appointment

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I’m not sure what you mean by video output? we are live streaming from the FMUser to Wowza, to Youtube, but the stream never gets to wowza. I cannot access any feeds from the FMUser directly either.

Lets do teamviewer. Next week? I am available Monday/Tuesday from 8A to 4P EST.


This has been resolved. Thank you.


My dear freind

Sorry, I’m really busy these days. I didn’t reply to you in time.
How do you solve this problem?

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