OSD text special characters and artifacts


Please add support for special characters in OSD. I tried in Hungarian the text “Próba szöveg” (note chars ó and ö but there are many more) and it appears wrong in the stream:

I am using Firefox browser under Ubuntu Linux but that shouldn’t matter.

Thanks for this great product!


my friend:

it is a good idea, we will change it to utf8

if it is ready .I will give you a firmeware.

hav a good day.


Thank you. Also a quick note that text has bad quality artifacts on the streamed video:


Problem still present in latest firmware 2017-10-09 HEVC!


Could you send some test png here?


if you’re right @Robert :yum:
also happens to me with some letters, example ñ and symbols + * etc.:sob:
appears wrong in sequence:sob:
everything else working very well for me.:grin:


My friend:

Our engineers made some optimization if you needed PM me for a new firmware test.



I noticed a strange property of the parameters X and Y. If the value of the parameters, for example 25, 105 (5 at the end of the value), the function OSD does not work.


send me the new firmware please


2017-10-09 (Latest Update Firmware)


friend the administrator
he said he would send a firmware update
to test the option
OSD text special characters and artifacts and that’s what I hope :face_with_raised_eyebrow: