Packet loss when pinging and streaming


I have 4x of the FBE200-H.264-lan and I am getting between 30-80% packet loss on pings dropped packets when streaming. I am pinging and streaming from a onsite server that is hardwired to the same switch as the encoders. I dont have packet loss when ping other devices on the network, there are no crc or other cable errors in the ports facing the encoders. Firmware version E264-20171216.

Are all 4 of my encoders bad?


My friend:

Try to set the port form AUTO to 100M as the photo.

have a good day.


That is odd place to place the speed and duplex.

I made the changes on all 4 encoders and still facing about the same level of packet loss.


Try a different network switch, I’ve seen some devices not work properly on the physical level but as soon as they are connected to another brand or model switch they end up working fine.